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Online Shopping in Pakistan A Place Of As Seen On Tv Products TeleTopShop.Com

OrthAyu Balm in Pakistan.

OrthAyu Balm Price in Pakistan.

Original OrthAyu Balm in Pakistan.

Indian OrthAyu Balm in Pakistan.

 Muscles Eliminating Pain.

Why OrthAyu Balm?
The natural ingredients effectively act on joints and muscles eliminating pain and help reduce swelling, improving blood circulation, removing tension in muscles and strengthening bones. It relieves pain and stiffness, and various body aches like knee pain, shoulder pain, back pain, arthritis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and joint pains. The balm is easy to use and provides instant relief. It penetrates the affected area instantly and absorbs easily without being greasy.

OrthAyu Balm is a balanced and blended formulation of high quality essential oils to help in the treatment of joint pains. The balm is made from 17 effective herbal oils that have medicinal and therapeutic properties that help relieve pain in the joints, neck, shoulder, back, legs, along with muscular pains and swelling without any side effects.


Benefits of Using Orthayu Pain Relief Balm :
1- Cures Joint Pains
2- Relieves Back Pain
3- Cures Swollen Joints
4- Regular application on the affected area makes the joints stronger and increases mobility
5- Useful in osteoarthritis, frozen joints and gout
6- Relieves Sprain
7- Relieves Painful Muscles
8- Relieves Neck Strain
9- Cures Rheumatoid Arthritis
10- Restores stiff joints

1- Ayurvedic Pain Relieving Balm
2- Prolonged Relief from Pain
3- Quick & Natural Relief from Pain
4- Effective in providing Instant Relief
5- No Side Effects
6- 100% Ayurvedic
7- Purely Herbal

Orthayu Balm Price In Pakistan: 2499/-PKR 

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